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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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It has been a while since I wrote any interesting article for this blog. The reason being I was busy trying to finish up my latest venture After weeks of hard work it is finally ready for launch. And with that begins the most difficult phase of any commercial website: getting people to use it. So without further commentary let me introduce you to fuvoo.


Here is snippet from the about page:

What is fuvoo?
Remember those times when you read all the news from Slashdot, digg and reddit? Then logged into facebook and poked all your friends? And checked your 9 emails accounts? Then you went to the video section of digg, Google video, Grouper, and YouTube and watched all the videos? And then suddenly you realize that there is nothing more to do on the Internets. Your head is aching, your eyes are hurting, you can hardly keep awake; but you want more. That’s where fuvoo comes in. You can go to and watch – hold your breath – VIDEOS!! Yes folks, you heard it right. Fuvoo is a website where you can watch videos.


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