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Monday, May 01, 2006

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10 Things I Noticed About IE7 Beta 2

1. More real estate. Now you see less of the client and more of the webpage. I think the IE team totally got it right.

2. Backward compatibility for toolbars. My Google toolbar is right there and seems like a party of IE.

3. There is a search box. I don’t know what all the fuss earlier today was about, because mine was defaulted to GOOGLE. Yes, if you had set Google as your default search engine in the older version, the search box remembers that.

4. No classic menu. You want it? Just right click and select and select “classic menu”.

5. Tabs. If you have no experience with tabs, the default tab page will tell you how to go about using it. Convenient to open and navigate new tabs. Also check out the thumbnail view of open tabs.

6. Like the search, my hope page was carried over from the previous installation.

7. The standard browser buttons are smaller and rearranged or should I say too small and scattered? The refresh and stop buttons are to the right of the address bar while the front and back buttons are to the left. Also there is a single list to display the history next to the front and back buttons.

8. RSS feed icon lights up when the website has a RSS feed. It somehow does not like my website ( because even though the site has a feed the icon is still grayed out.

9. Phishing filter. I’m not sure how it works, but I believe it should.

10. Manage Add-ons. Shows all the browser stuff like ActiveX and toolbars in one convenient place and also allows you to add 3rd party Add-ons.


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