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Friday, January 06, 2006

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30 second tutorial: Post to Blogger from your .Net application

This is a short tutorial that will teach you how to post to a blogger account from your .Net application. The code is in Visual basic.

Sept 1: Use Atomizer

Get Atomizer. Drop Atomizer.dll in the bin folder of your application.

Step 2: Create the Atom instance

atomEndPoint = ""

generator = New generatorType
generator.url = ""
generator.Value = "NewsterToolSample"
generator.version = "1.0"

Dim Atom As Atom
Atom = Atom.Create(New Uri(atomEndPoint), generator, "username", "password")

step 3: Get the services from the Atom instance

Dim services As Array
services = Atom.GetServices()

Dim postURL As New String("")
postURL = service.postURL

Step 4: Post

Atom.PostBlogEntry(postURL, " Title of your article ", "body of your article", "")

Thats it.

Here is a working example and here is the source code for the working example.

I have used the above technique in the first version of For those of you who are not familiar with, it’s a news aggregating application. I had shared hosting with Brinkster and it worked just fine. Just drop the Atomizer dll in the bin folder and use the above code.


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